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Upcoming Association Meetings
July 6, 2017

The 2017 Board meetings will be held on site and at 6:30pm. The schedule is as follows:

January 12th
April 6th
July 6th – Postponed date TBD
October 12th

The Annual Meeting will be held on Saturday October 21st starting at 10am.

If you are interested in coming to the board meetings, please contact Mark at Coventry Group 540-535-0816 so that arrangements can be made to accommodate a larger number of members.  All members are welcome at the board meetings.  Please come join us!

Dryer Vents
November 30, 2016

All Dryer Vents should be cleaned out and maintained by each unit owner.  Please contact the management company at 540-535-0816 and talk to Mark the Community Manager to resolve this issue.  This should be done at least every other year to maintain the safety of the units and keep your clothes drying more efficiently.  Often the vents themselves are not as badly in need of cleaning as the dryer itself which has a connection in the back that gets clogged with lint.  Thanks for helping maintain these items and keep our units safe.

Keys to Enter the Elevator
April 4, 2014

The Elevator doors are keyed so that they are only used for handicapped and elderly needs in the association.  Upper level unit owners should have access to the elevators with the Key.  Any off-site owners can give this key to their tenant if they are elderly or handicapped, but these keys are to prevent constant use of the elevators and prevent the growing repair bills that are increasing in frequency to the association.  If you don’t need the elevator, please don’t use it.  It is solely for handicapped and elderly members only.  Please help us maintain this standard and also keep our costs down.

Dog Size Rule now in Enforcement
February 4, 2014

The Association is currently enforcing the rule regarding the size of dogs in the Condominiums.  Letters were sent out in the Fall and the deadline for relocating larger dogs was January 31st.  If you have a dog over the 20 lb size limit it can not remain in the Association and must be removed off site.

Condominium Rules and Regs
January 1, 2013

Please remember to follow these rules…

1. Do not park in someone else’s numbered spot.
2. Do not smoke in the hallways of the buildings.
3. Please make sure your pets are curbed and always on a leash.
4. Do not drag out leaking trash through the hallways.  Please keep the hallways clean.
5. Satellite Dishes can not be attached to the side of the building.  They should be on your deck or as a last resort, if reception cannot be found from your deck, on the roof.  Wires should not hang down the sides of the buildings.
6. Do not throw out cigarette butts in the mulch or common areas. This is a major fire hazard.
7. Do not do any vehicle maintenance in the parking lot areas or common area.
8. Avoid loud music or parties which disturb surrounding residents.